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Smart Pet Health™ Professional has received some excellent reviews and awards that you can see below:

Fuzzy Friends Rescue -
6321 Airport Road. Waco, TX. 76708. (254) 754-9444

Smart Pet Health™ Professional has been such an asset to our facility. The last 4 years, we have had to schedule all reminders for vaccinations and suture removal, heartworm prevention, de-worming etc. by hand on a calendar. We had a 2 part non-carbon health card that we completed on each animal and all of the information was entered by hand. When you are caring for as many as 180 animals at any one time, that is an almost impossible task. Now that Smart Pet Health™ Professional has been implemented into our shelter, it has increased the accuracy of the healthcare of our animals and decreased the time spent on updating Health Cards and scheduling which animals need booster vaccinations etc. There was no other software available that our small shelter could afford that would keep detailed information on the animal's health history.

Smart Pet Health™ Professional is WONDERFUL, it not only reminds us daily of what treatments or vaccinations are due, but we can record any medical problem in detail as well as keep a detailed vaccination history, heartworm prevention history, de-worming history and can also record medical tests performed or any other medical information that needs to be recorded. We can now print out an adoption profile to present to the new owners that gives detail about the animal's personality and past training etc. We are now also able to list the new owners name and new veterinarians name on the record at the time of adoption. The "adoptive parents" love having the picture of the animal they are adopting on the health card and also they love the easy to read vaccination and health history. Our local veterinarians have had nothing but great comments on the format of the vaccination history and medical history.

I can not say enough good things about this program, any shelter that struggles every day trying to record information by hand, needs this program, I do not know how we ever made it without Smart Pet Health™ Professional.


Promaxum Seal of Quality Review

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