Smart Pet Health™
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Smart Pet Health™ Professional is feature-rich and allows you to keep track of a lot of information related to your animals. It doesn't stop there, however, and organizes this information in a logical way making it easy to view and understand this information later. You can also easily print it out or export to a text file, as well as instantly create Web pages.
You can keep record of your animal with many fields to cover all your information - pet id, name, type, sex, arrival date, weight, age, breed/description, color/markings, rabies ID, chip ID, comments and an optional photograph (scaled automatically). All of the fields are optional, except that either pet ID or name must be present.
There are many predefined values that can be toggled with just one click in the Adoption Profile tab, including a text field for additional information. They are printed out on the Health Card and can be inserted in a generated Web page if you choose so.
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The Owner/Vet tab lets you keep information on those who adopted (or bought) an animal from you. There's all information that might be required if you need to get in touch with them. In addition, there's space to record who the vet for that animal is now.
A very important piece of information that you wouldn't want to miss is the animal vaccination date. You can now relax, because they are automatically linked with the reminders and you'll never miss that important shot again. Depending on the animal type you can record the following (for dogs): DHLPPC, DHPPC, Parvo/Corona, Bordetella, Lyme Disease, Rabies - (for cats): FeLV/FVRCP, FVRCP, FeLV, FIP, Rabies. There's also a separate reminder for treatment that might be required.
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Every animal needs to be checked regularly and you can keep record of what has and has not been checked and what the results are. Currently supported records include: Heartworm, FeLV/FIV, Dental, Ear, Physical and Fecal as well as Heartworm prevention and space for any comments you might have.
All animals are different and sometimes there's something that must be recorded about a particular pet - here you have plenty of space to record such information as medical notes, allergies, temporary medical condition, temporary medication, chronic medical condition and chronic medication.
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It was easy to forget how much you are spending on your animals, but not anymore! You can easily record your expenses now. There's also a possibility to record what shows an animal attended and if any awards were given.
When you need to quickly find information on something about your animals our sorting feature will become invaluable. Just click on the column title and records will be sorted on that column (click again to sort in another direction). This will surely save you time!
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Smart Pet Health™ Professional allows you to print a variety of reports:
  • Health card - a complete report on the animal(s) selected. It is fully customizable.
  • Reminder - provides daily information for vaccination updates, treatments or testings.
  • Heartworm prevention - will print out a complete report on all animals in the facility that are on prevention, when they need their prevention and what they have been given.
  • FeLV/FIV reports - provides a report on cats that have been tested or not.
Another very important feature of Smart Pet Health™ Professional that will save you time is the ability to instantly create HTML pages out of your data that you can publish on the Web. You can use the following features:
  • Create your own template by simply replacing the HTML in the window provided - it is saved automatically and silently.
  • Insert tokens that will be replaced with real information from your database when the HTML pages are generated.
  • You can instantly preview how your page will look and make necessary adjustments before you publish on the Web.
  • Animal pictures will also be exported and inserted if you choose so - all you have to do is upload everything to the Web.
  • You have the freedom to give your own file name to each generated Web page, so you can manage them later with ease.
  • You can even print out these HTML pages and use them as kennel cage cards!
Smart Pet Health™ Professional doesn't stop there and gives you full flexibility by allowing you to export your data to a text file that can be read by any other application:
  • You can define your own separator that will be inserted between data fields.
  • Insert tokens that will be replaced with real information from your database when the text file is generated.
  • You can define a header row that will be inserted at the top of the text file and can contain field descriptions, for example.
  • You can export pictures and they will be automatically named according to the pet ID and placed in the same directory.
  • It is easy to export animals to a file compliant with standard, so that you can upload it along with any images to their server and see your animals appear on their network with just one click.
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Using the printer settings you can configure the way your printed reports look - configure the font and size for the letterhead and a separate font and size for the report itself. You can also specify your business address (as well as other relevant information) to be printed in the letterhead.
Some animals might not have all information filled in on them and instead of printing empty spaces you can configure the way you want your health card report to look. By simply placing or removing check marks you control which sections will appear in the printed report.
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