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Registering Smart Pet Health Professional


You are free to evaluate Smart Pet Health™ Professional to see if it suits you and your environment for up to 30 program launches. During this time you also have an unlimited networking license, which means that you can use the program on as many machines as you please.


After the trial 30 runs, you will need to purchase a license to use Smart Pet Health™ Professional further. To keep prices flexible an up-to-date, we are not stating them here, but rather providing you with a Web link that you can check at any time.


When you purchase Smart Pet Health™ Professional for the first time, you'll have to provide your official business name, because the program will be registered in that name and your registration code will work only with that name. It will also be printed on all reports you generate and it cannot be changed later without contacting us.


You will also receive an e-mail with your special access name and password that you can use to access the support section and that will allow you to purchase additional copies of Smart Pet Health™ Professional at a discounted price.


To see the pricing and other relevant information please click here.