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This allows you to check your current registration status and update it by either purchasing registration keys or entering existing ones. This setting is specific to the computer on which the program is run.


Registered Company Name This is the name that your registration key has been made out to. You cannot change this value and it is printed on all your reports in the letterhead.
Registration Key You can see what key is currently used in this field. To change it you'll need to use the "Register" button.
Networking Here you can see how many copies the current key will allow to run and how many are actually running at the moment.



If Smart Pet Health™ Professional is currently unregistered, then you'll see a "Purchase" button, otherwise you'll see a "Order more copies" button. In either case, pressing this button will take you to the ordering page on our Web site that you can use for submitting payments, whether it's a first-time purchase, a request for more copies or annual technical support and upgrades fee. You can also find up-to-date pricing information on that page.


After you received your registration key by e-mail, you can use the "Register" button to enter it.